Aspirational Branding 101

I’m So Very Sorry…

I owe you all the most sincerest and deepest apologies. So, in true “Amanda” style I’m levelling up and being totally honest and transparent AF. I recently posted on my socials about how I hate having my photo taken and it seems to have really resonated with quite a lot of you. I love this, […]

5 Reasons I’m NOT The Right Photographer For You…

One of my very favorite photography quotes is ” The Camera is the save button for the minds eye” ~ by Roger Kingston, and it speaks deeply to me. You see, we all have a vision and we all have an “idea” of what we think things should look like, feel like and our own unique perception. […]

Woman of Water Project

And why it’s so important to share our imperfect stories….. I’ve been travelling through our beautiful state over the last couple of years. And I believe, this has been truly a gift from this pandemic. It’s forced us to look and venture into our own backyards. Not that I haven’t in the past, however, I […]

I AM……?

Who am I? I teach a 6am Yoga class, Rise and Shine at Beachside Yoga and Pilates on Kent St, Rockingham every Tuesday and Friday mornings. I have done this for now over 10 years. And in the last 15 minutes of our practice, we sit after Pranayama (breath) and I invite everyone, including myself, to set […]