One of my very favorite photography quotes is ” The Camera is the save button for the minds eye” ~ by Roger Kingston, and it speaks deeply to me. You see, we all have a vision and we all have an “idea” of what we think things should look like, feel like and our own unique perception.

So choosing a photographer, is no different. I actually believe, it’s one of the most intimate choices you can make to bring to life your vision, your voice, your memories and that perception. 

You deserve to find a photographer who wants to work with you and can serve you well.

I’m making it a bit easier for you today, to let you know why I’m probably NOT the best fit for you. 

But maybe I AM…

1. I’m a self confessed, SPIRITUAL BOGAN. 

Yep, I love a cold beer and namaste. I’ve grown up surfing, diving, boating and generally anything to do with the ocean and with predominantly bogan boys (that I love dearly). This means, I am down to jump in head first, I don’t shy away from challenging situations, I’m confident and at home in the ocean, and I’m all good with “colorful” and “creative” language.

Ha, I can guarantee that I will use this creative language as well, however, my intention is always around kindness, creating a safe space and bringing out your essence.

I deeply believe that everyone has their own divine true nature, and I use my photography to connect and capture this. I have studied in depth the practice of Hatha Yoga, with my spiritual teacher in Rishikesh, India. I have been, and continue to teach the traditional aspects of Yoga at my local studio and bring this into my photography work. 

Yoga means to yoke – to find union. This is my yoga, and my practice. I’m very good at reading people’s bodies and finding ways in which to “open you up”. So to speak.

This means I will go through ALL the emotions with you. I can’t help it. So don’t be worried if you see me with a little tear, or big belly laughs or sometimes when I’m shooting I get so overwhelmed with the absolute BEAUTY of it all. It’s just me….. being me and embracing what ever comes my way. Bogan and all.

If your looking for someone who is more formal and clinical, then I’m not the gal for you… and that’s ok.

2. I LOVE to play

If you are on a photo shoot with me, I LOVE to play and connect to your inner child. 

Bringing a sense of joy and wonder to my shoots is what lights me up in this world. When I go back through the images for editing, I am instantly drawn to those picture’s that capture this. 

Big heart-felt smiles and not those fake ones (you know the ones), literally hit me in the feels EVERY TIME.

You are paying for my services, and in return, I want to show you just how joyful, beautiful and divine you really are. By connecting to your inner child, you bring to life this sense of playfulness, presence and awe in all those little moments.


If your wanting to hire a photographer that is a bit more serious, analytical or no-nonsense, then YES to you owning what you want. They are out there and so wanting to hear from you. It’s just not me.

3You’re looking for wedding photos that look like they could be in a high-end fashion magazine

Well, go you! I love that you want to rock your wedding or event like the super-trendy fashionista that you are, but hiring me might not be what you want or need.

You see, my heart lies in the moments of your day. 

The unguarded moments (such a great song hey?)

The essence, the playfulness and everything and anything in-between.

I will have Aunty doing the Macarena and I will be your biggest hype girl. Your wedding day should be fun, full of joy, love and presence with your loved ones. Your love is purely an expression of who you both are, and I’m down for all of it.

I’m the type that will sneak you and your beloved away for a private moment, cause the light just looks so friggin beautiful right now and I want you to experience that.

I also love to think outside of the box, and colour out of the lines. You want photos that you just know you can’t do on the day. Like, mess up your hair and makeup, or get in the water with your beloved with that stunning dress?

Roll around on the sand and get down and messy?


Then YES, I’m your girl.

4. You want someone who is seen and NOT heard

DISCLAIMER –  I’m pretty loud.

I have been gifted with a big, beautiful and bellowing voice (also see reason number 1). When I was a High School teacher (yup, I taught Science for nearly 10 years), this came in handy, and I am the QUEEN at rallying everyone together, directing people and generally be your friend with a camera. Old habits hey?

I can connect with anyone, and everyone.

I’m blessed with this ability to strike up a convo with young and old, kids, dogs and the tired and grumpy toddler.

I’m all about building relationships, putting people at ease in front of the camera and bringing that presence to the moment – I also tell pretty funny jokes. Well I think they are…

Maybe, if I don’t get hired as your photographer, I might take up Stand Up Comedy – ha ha

So if your looking for someone, to sit quietly behind the scenes and stalk around and be invisible…… this just isn’t me.

5. You need a fast turn around and want your photos in a couple of days

I get it. 

You have had such an awesome time. Drank some champas, shots with the besties, married the love of your life, got out of that comfort zone and booked your very own photoshoot or dived deep into an underwater shoot (maybe even naked)

You want to see the photos! NOW….

I know, I know.

But wait,

There is a creative process that happens and I want to share your images with you, when they are IMPERFECTLY PERFECT.

This means, that there will be a wait time of up to 2-3 weeks while I weave my editing magic and prepare your online gallery and prints if you have ordered.

Because, when you do receive this, I want you to connect back to that very moment and all the feels of that day. The colours, tones and overall feel to your images, have all been perfectly orchestrated to show case YOU.

I don’t believe in PERFECT but I do believe in magic and the power of photography.

So please be patient, and I will always strive to get you your images within a suitable timeframe. I will also share a little sneak peak at your gallery, just to show you how friggin awesome you actually are.


However, if you do need someone fast and can deliver in a short turn around – go get them! I wish I could work that fast, but I just know, to do the best job that I possibly can, I need a little bit of time.

Quality over speed is for me. 

At the end of the day, hiring a photographer should be an easy process….. Right

I love that all my clients feel like friends and that when I get booked, it’s a whole body YES from the both of us.

When you know, you just know.

I’m so looking forward to getting to know whether or not, I’m the RIGHT Photographer for you. And if I’m not, then it’s just not meant to be, and that’s ok.

But if I am….

Eeeeeeek, it’s going to be so god damn epic and I can’t wait to create some magic with you.

Still not sure, and want to connect face to face before deciding?

Coolio, just book a zoom chat with me – and let’s chat.

Your awesome, and I just know that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

So much love,

Oceans of it…..

Amanda x

March 28, 2023

5 Reasons I’m NOT The Right Photographer For You…


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