And why it’s so important to share our imperfect stories…..

I’ve been travelling through our beautiful state over the last couple of years. And I believe, this has been truly a gift from this pandemic. It’s forced us to look and venture into our own backyards. Not that I haven’t in the past, however, I feel that I have regained a sense of awe and wonder from our own natural environment, even bigger and stronger than before.

Throughout these travels, and my own healing journey (see my previous blog, where I share this story) I have met and photographed some phenomenal women.

Women of Water ~

A woman of water has an undeniable connection to the healing energy of the ocean and her power.

She lives and breathes the constant ebbs and flows with the energy of the sea.

She’s attuned, aware and not afraid of her, or her own depths.

My own underwater photography journey was inspired by capturing women, in their essence, in the ocean. I’m constantly blown away by the raw beauty, vulnerability and essence that transpires through these photo shoots. It’s transformational and powerful. And we need to share these images and these stories.

Historically, Marine and Maritime endeavors and career paths, have been predominantly male focused. In this beautiful article article  – Six Pioneers of Ocean Exploration that happen to be Women, it explores these powerhouses of women, paving the way in marine conservation, exploration and science. “The future of ocean conservation and exploration necessitates focus, and unfortunately gender biases persist for females in science. The women traveling down this road must believe in their abilities and continue to question with courage and imagination. And those who support the next class of pioneers must empower and encourage them at every step”.

Continue to question with courage and imagination ~  oooooooomph 

Women of Water are our stories, and they are YOUR stories.  

I am calling out for these stories of courage, of imagination, of healing, of connection, of triumph, of heartache, of resilience and of transformation. 

Are you –

  • Living in Western Australia?
  • Surfer
  • Diver
  • Work in Maritime or Marine industry(ies)
  • Photographer/videographer
  • Artist/creative 
  • And have an undeniable connection to the ocean
  • And you want to SHARE YOUR STORY

Then I want to hear from YOU.

My vision is to gather a body of work, of our work.

Take beautiful photos of you in your element and share your story in a bespoke Coffee Table book and exhibition.

Applications are now open via my website and I will be in touch.

You don’t have to be extraordinary, as I am looking for the everyday women, embracing imperfection and metaphors and parallels of the water with our lives.

We are all welcome in our stories and in our sharing ~

” The Waves of The Sea, bring me back to ME”

Let’s do this…..

Oceans of Love,

Amanda x

March 28, 2023

Woman of Water Project


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